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Big Data Done Better with the Mosaic NVMe Solution.

ComSource has teamed up with our partners at CMA and Dell EMC to build a custom Oracle solution that flips the paradigm of data center performance and addresses the high cost of Oracle licensing. 

Mosaic is the result of years-long research to build a superior solution for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) using a combination of off-the-shelf hardware with a dash of proprietary software.

Mosaic will help our customers break the cycle of receiving sub-par performance while still paying a premium for ever-increasing Oracle licensing costs.

The secret lies with the Data at Rapid Transport (DART) software, which requires fewer Oracle licenses (and smaller hardware footprint) to run compared to legacy designs. Mosaic will improve your ROI while delivering a more streamlined and manageable infrastructure.

The Mosaic NVMe solution was purpose-built to address our customer’s common challenges including:

  • The consistent, increasing cost of storage hardware and maintenance

  • Growing data management and processing

  • Increasingly high cost of Oracle licensing

  • The need for flexibility in scaling storage and architecture


How does your Oracle infrastructure performance compare?